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Mēbeļu uzstādīšanas instrumenti

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Why us? Knowing how difficult it is to choose the right service,  we are the ones who make it easier. We serve our clients and get appreciation in return!

Our mission  is to facilitate the Client's work, save time and help make complicated things simple and easy to use.

So this wouldn't

Why us?

Nepareiza mēbeļu montāža

Our value is our employees! From the very beginning, the team was formed with knowledgeable assembly masters who love their work and take care of every entrusted project. But the company takes care about the harmony of the team, work style and ethics (How to cooperate? How to handle tools? How to deal with work and the work environment in which work has to be done?), work clothes, hygiene standards.

We would like to emphasize that it is important for us to save your time. From the moment of interest (for example now), the customer can send us an application a few days in advance, before the required installation date (or even longer, in case our work schedule isn't ready) - you can suggest the day and time when it is better for you. The customer organizes delivery time of the furniture  and reserves our assembly services for the specific needed date  and time. As a result, the furniture wouldn't wait until people from assembly service could come and assemble, but it could happen at the same time - furniture is assembled right after delivery.


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