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Assembling furniture, installing furniture, screwing furniture together - call it as you want, the result will make you happy!

For customers

Mēbeļu montāža

Our main specialty is furniture assembly service, but in order to facilitate the Client's plans which are related to property improvement, we also provide plumbing and electrician services.

We help to equip an apartment, house,

office or warehouse, etc. premises.

 BUILDING IN   kitchen furniture;


 ASSEMBLING   living furniture;


 ASSEMBLING   office furniture;


 INSTALLING   shop furniture;

 CONNECTING   electrical units;

 BUILDING IN   home appliances;


 SCREWING   warehouse components;


 CONNECTING plumbing components;


 CONNECTING   ventilation ducts;

 RECOMMENDING   the best solutions;


 DISASSEMBLING  furniture and built-in kitchens; 


*We usually respond within 5 in 17 minutes.

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